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How to use SQL injection to hack a Facebook account

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The only application on the internet which can hack a Facebook account in real-time under less than 1 hour.

Hack Facebook in only THREE steps
No Survey/ Fillup required.

1.Copy the Facebook Account URL from the Browser.

2. Submit the URL along with your Email id and any additional information that you have.

3. Complete the request by proceeding to the password decryption and download the password.


Pre-Requisites & Guidelines: The pre-requisites to use the application include the Facebook account URL of the victim, Your Email id and any other information’s that you have. The application is very user friendly and you don’t need to have any special skills to get the Facebook hacking done. Each step is detailed and you can simply follow the instructions.


Process and Timeframe: The application is integrated with a SQL back engine. The front-end of the application is developed as an HTML scraper. The HTML scraper will parse the Facebook account to find a potential vulnerability. We have a pre-built set of vulnerabilities. Upon matching with one of the vulnerabilities, the SQL back end of the application will be triggered.


The vulnerability which was found is then handled by the SQL engine. The SQL engine will then inject a pre-written SQL script into the Facebook accounts database. Upon execution, this sql script can hack the username and password of the Facebook account. The injected script can override the real SQL fields of the account’s database. It will then accept POST & GET attributes from the front end.


Using overriding, the injected SQL fields can accept entries or extract the username and password stored in the database. A copy of the hacked password and username values will be then stored on our remote server.


The timeframe required to hack a Facebook account varies from time to time. It depends on individual Facebook accounts. If the vulnerability is known to us, then we can complete a Facebook hack request within one hour of time. There are some cases for which we cannot use SQL to hack FB account. In that case, we may have to decide upon other FB hacking methods.

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  • Highly Available and Fast turn around.
  • Secure and Remote Facebook hacking service.
  • 24/7 online assistance by expert hackers.
  • Remote deployment and Remote password retrieval.
  • High confidentiality to user data & privacy policy.
  • Hacking Facebook accounts in less than one hour of time.
  • User-friendly application and not require any technical knowledge.
  • SQL integrated online Facebook hacking engine.
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We have a professional y certified team of hackers ready to assist you 24/7. Each request is strictly monitored for timely delivery and process accuracy. The entire system will be maintained and updated time to time in order to make it Secure, Fast, and available all the time.

We use remote deployments through virtual private networks. Our highly secured private networks are undetectable. Our remote deployments have been created in a way so as to bypass any know security and firewall gateways.

"Highly available online Facebook hacking service operated from remote servers and using hidden networks. Our well-equipped monitoring team will make sure that the process is undetectable using any know security measures."

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